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Friday, 6 May 2011

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC): To the Dialogue -- For the National Reconciliation

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC): To the Dialogue -- For the National Reconciliation

06 May 2011

In Burma, junta claimed that they handed over the power to U Thein Sein led USDP government which emerged from the sham election held in 2010 which was held in accord with sham constitution, sham referendum and sham election laws. But the sufferings of the Burmese people remain unchanged. Burma's economic crisis continues to deepen; unemployment is rising dramatically while prices of consumer goods are increasing out of control. Poverty has soared and corruption is growing. Ordinary people especially farmers, 70% of the 60 million populations, are hardest hit.

The power is still centred on the U Thein Sein led civilian-clothed military regime which maintains strict authoritarian rule over the people of Burma through intimidation, the strict censuring of information, repression of individual rights, and suppression of ethnic minority groups.

The U Thein Sein military regime self-proclaims that they are the democratic government. The international community must see the accountability of their words and action.

Therefore, we call for the U Thein Sein led government to:

(a)Release all political prisoners

(b)Freedom of assembly

(c)Freedom of expression

(d)Freedom of association

(e)Freedom of media

(f)Free and independent judiciary system

(g)Restore Peace

(h)Stop military attack on ethnics brothers

(i)Alleviate poverty

They are the clear indicators that international community could judge what kind of the government which U Thein Sein regime really is.

Addition, Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) calls for the UK government to

(a)Increase humanitarian assistance inside Burma

(b)Assisting flourishing civil society organizations

(c)Assisting promoting education

(d)Assisting poverty alleviation

(e)Assisting promoting health and social care

(f)Assisting capacity building such as networking

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) believes that by doing so UK government could help strengthening fundamental mechanism needed for the emergence of the democratic system in Burma.

We are very encouraged to learn that the international community is carefully monitoring the situation in Burma. But words alone are not enough. UN should take proper action focusing on to take place dialogue leading towards achieving national reconciliation in Burma.

Since UK is one of the permanent UNSC members, we call for the UK government to call for the UN Secretary General and UNSC to

1.Calling for to open UN Secretary General Representative Liaison Office in Burma so as to act as the facilitator between U Thein Sein led USDP government and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led democratic and ethnic groups so as to practically taking place genuine dialogue

2.Calling for to appoint Full-time Permanent UN Special Envoy on Burma who will carry out his duties in a very accountable manner assessing the situation in Burma accurately, and gives sound recommendation in formulating UN policy, then the Secretary General will be appraised of the exact situation in Burma

3.Calling for to adopt the UN Security Council Resolution encouraging national reconciliation in Burma

We call for the international community to press more on the U Thein Sein regime to enter the dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led democratic and ethnics’ leaders of Burma.

For more information please contact

U Myo Thein [United Kingdom]

Phone: 00-44-78 7788 2386, 00-44-208 4939 137

U Khin Maung Win [United States]

Phone: 001-941-961-2622

U Tint Swe Thiha [United States]

Phone: 001-509-582-3261, 001-509-591-84

Daw Khin Aye Aye Mar [United States]

Phone: 001 509 586 8309

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