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Thursday, 17 March 2011

London Calling: Burma Resistance Day Celebration & Fundraising Food Festival 27 March 2011

Dear Friends,

Re: Burma Resistance Day Celebration & Fundraising Food Festival

Warm greeting from Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) which is the global campaigning and lobbying organisation to restore democracy, human rights and rule of law in Burma where everyone can enjoy the freedom of speech, press, beliefs, assembly and rule of law that emphasizes the protection of individual rights.

The Resistance Day Background History

The British fought three wars with Burma in 1824, 1852 and 1885, culminating in the loss of Burmese sovereignty and independence. Britain made Burma a province of India in 1886 with the capital at Rangoon. Though war officially ended after only a couple of weeks, resistance continued in northern Burma until 1890, with the British finally resorting to a systematic destruction of villages and appointment of new officials to finally halt all guerrilla activity.

By the turn of the century, a nationalist movement began to take shape and a new generation of Burmese leaders arose in the early twentieth century from amongst the educated classes. Thakin Aung San and twenty-nine young men who went to Japan in order to receive military training and they came to be known as the “Thirty Comrades”. Japanese declared Burma, in theory, independent in 1943, as Ba Maw head of state. It soon became apparent that Japanese promises of independence were merely a sham and that Ba Maw was just a puppet.

Burmese leaders founded the Anti-Fascist Organisation (AFO) secretly in August 1944 and was later renamed the Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League (AFPFL). On March 27, 1945 the Burma National Army rose up in a countrywide rebellion against the Japanese. The Japanese were routed out from most of Burma by May 1945. Since then March 27, is commemorated as the Resistance Day in Burma.

Fundraising Food Festival

We believe that there are three main pillars; mass, media and money, which are equally important working for democratisation of Burma.

Therefore, we will be holding the resistance day celebration and fundraising food festival on 27th March 2011 (Sunday).

Entry: Free

Date: 27 March 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 17:00 pm – 22:00 pm

Activities: Traditional Foods, Singing, Dancing and much more…..


St Agnes RC Church
35 Cricklewood Lane
London, UK


Please come and join with us and looking forward to see you all.

If you have any enquiry please feel free to contact us at