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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

All commarades & friends;

Excellence sir;
I would like to send the article on 22nd,Annuel memo-ceremony of Daw Khin Kyi,spouse of our national leader -General Aung Sann and mother of our national people's leader-Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi under the following;----------.!

On 27th,Dec,1989,I had to sadly hear Daw Khin Kyi's death at my office of National Politic Front(N.P.F),Thati Pahtan street,Kyaukmyaung,Tamawe tsp,Rangoon,Burma because she was the spouse of our national leader-General Aung Sann and mother too of Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi,our national people's leader & nobble peace prize winner in 1990 and mother too of BIA,BDA & BDF and she was very important person in our Burma's historical cretical point and so,we shall have to always remember for her historical acivity.
For it,I with CEC of N.P.F,Reg.No;120 organized the comittee of Funeral ceremony of Daw Khin Kyi and then we with other Parties went to see Daw Su with NLD to support her funeral ceremony and then we organized the central funeral ceremony of Daw Khin Kyi as chiarman-Bo Yet Htut(the member of 30-commarades),secretary-U Win Tin and C.E.C-I with Moe Thee Zun & others too and then also Army requested to hold it as the state funeral ceremony and also my frind-Ko Myat Hein(Ko Mya Win,MP of NLD,Engapu,Now,LA) with Min Ko Naing , Min Ze Yar & leaders of students' Unions approached to hold it as the people's funeral ceremony but although Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi accepted their supports for her funeral ceremony,she permitted to hold only our central funeral ceremony but General Saw Mg & Khin Nyunt of Army recepted the guests at Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi's campus and supported Ks-6000 with their state government's flower's ring and also Min Ko Naing,Min Ze Yar with leaders of student's Unions supported the long trip of funeral ceremony from Daw Su's campus to Kantawmin park behind ShweTiGone Pagoda.
Also our National Politic Front(N.P.F) published over ten thousands poem-books-" The chief guarden mother of the steel flower" by N.P.F with Ks.1200 and at that moment,one day! we with U Tin Oo saw General Saw Mg & Khin Nyunt, came to Daw Khin Kyi's funeral ceremony at Daw Su's campus and U Tin Oo pointed them under the shawdows of their long Indian- umbrellar,take-cared of U Ne Win because U Tin Oo would like to talk them as Umbrellars at also U Ne Win's Era and now,too and we saw Daw Su's pearl tears on the romantic & trajetty words of our "The chief guarden mother of the steel flower"-poem book beside Daw Khin Kyi's status beside the habour of Inya lake and so, we with Daw Su heard back the romantic song-" SaYar Ma" by K.N.D.O and "Rowing of Love boat without troubles" by Dora-Than Aye and also Daw Khin Gyi,younger sister of Daw Khin Kyi and the spouse of ThaKhin Than Htun too recepted us with our Burma's historical romantic trajetty memo-potraits and one day! we saw Daw Su's greeting on her brother-U Aung Sann Oo & U Khin Mg Aye,X-military officer , son of first spouse of Daw Khin Gyi and I with C.C of central funeral ceremony take-cared of Daw Su's campus and we saw many kinds of attenders on Daw Khin Kyi's funeral ceremony who were P.V.Os,communists,socialists,A.F.P.L.Ls,1989-Parties, Student's Unions, Trade Unions, Peasant's Unions,Women Unions,Karen organizations,National ethinic organization,Army,Airforce,Navy and extra & extra.....
When funeral ceremony day,I with CEC of N.P.F on our publica car with NPF's Flag had to take-cared of Daw Khin Kyi's status's car and so, we have to face the sea-ocean mass from Daw Su's campus to University Avenue to Hlaedam point to Pyi-road to U Wi Sa Ra road to ShweTiGone Pagoda road towards Daw Khin Kyi's cave between among the caves of ThaKhin Ko Taw Mhile,U Than & Su Phuyar Latt at KanTawMin Park and some students would like to pick up & hold the status of Daw Khin Kyi with the songs-"KaBarMaKyaeBu" as the people's feneral ceremony infront of Rangoon University as U Thant's funeral ceremony but Daw Su requested to hold peacefully her mother's funeral ceremony and then, while I with Daw Myint Myint Khin,CEC of NLD & Ambassodrs placed & waited for the status beside Daw Khin Kyi's cave,Army & students forced to hold it on the people's funeral ceremony & the state government's funeral ceremony and so, the prince U Htun Wae non-voilent-solved those problem and then,Daw Su,her sons-Aung Sann Myint(Alexendar),Htain Linn(Kim),her spouse-Michael Aelis,U Aung Sann Oo,U Khin Mg Aye warshiped & caved their mother's status with the programs of two religons and we with Ambassdors & other sea-ocean mass saluted peacefully the historical diganity of Daw Khin Kyi as our national people's mother and so, we could mean it as our all Burma's national people's mother's feneral ceremony.
But although her funeral ceremony was acknowledged by all Burma's national peoples as their mother, our national people's mother-Daw Khin Kyi had to face also the historical troubles
after her spouse-our national people's leader-General Aung Sann's death on 19th,July,1947 because our national leader-General Aung Sann,loved deeply her family with the boiling pea was voilent-assisnated by U Saw with his companians &others who could be unknown by historians because they could be hiden by their power & enrichs from killing of General Aung Sann & other national leaders.For example! Befor Assisnation of General Aung Sann,they with U Saw had meet to kill our national leaders at the house of chinese-boss and for it,Peagu-Boss-U Sein Win donated to assisnate our national leaders but now, U Sein Win with some secaped from death-sentence on the state-assisnation and some knew it but not to dare to talk it but the grand son-Ko D of Peagu-Boss-U Sein Win told us about it and so, we would like to consult historians to write darely our Burma's real history.
Daw Khin Kyi had to stay at his old poverty house with indian cmpanion after the end of her ambassdor's life from India and sometime,her house couldn't light & save roof and so, she boiled the pea,liked by General Aung Sann in the dark & under the unsaved roof and so,the carpenters & electrical workers of our Burma Dock Yards Corporation(B.D.C,Sinmalike) went to repair her house and at that moment,she told back her romantic & trajetty family life that she could stay warmly together with our Burma's national peoples in the dark age and her younger sister-Daw Khin Gyi had to stay at the small poverty house without spouse and so, we would like to mean them as the historical unfated victims and so,they would like to see the freedom from the historical fear under Myanmar Junta Regimes and they supported our democratic activits with many kinds of tactics & strategy and C.P.B tried to elect Daw Khin Kyi as National people's leader in 8888-all Burma's greatest democratic movement,50th,Annuel golden movement of 1300-full movement(1938) and also she accepted it but her health was not good and so, her daughter-Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi arrived to take-cared of her health and Daw Su had to take of the historical duty of her mother as the steel flower of the chief guarden mother-Daw Khin Kyi and so,Daw Su with us had to stay for several years at the dark prisons for freedom of Burma under Myanmar Junta Regimes but we shall never retreat from the democratic front and shall continnue to march strongly towards the democratic goal together with all Burma's national peoples on many kinds of tactics & strategy in global democratic net and so,we should support Daw Su's second PinLone Conference(21st,PinLone Conference) with All Burma's national people's democratic united movements.
thanking you in anticipation;

best regards;
yours' sincerely!
(U Thi Ha Tint Swe)
Patron for B.D.C,U.S.A.
G.S for N.P.F,Reg;No.120(88-89).
Vice chairman-2 for G.S.C,Rgn,Burma(8888).
P.P for 14.yrs(90 to 02).

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