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Thursday, 13 May 2010


Our dear comanrades & friends

All Burma's national mass have to face extremly badly five enemies of water,fire,government,unlovers & thiefs and so,it shall have been called as National crisis on general crisis.When such national mass's crisis became all over Burma,we used to defend those five enemies as our all national mass's greatest duties and it was called our national mass's politic.Now! Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi and her NLD have to do these national mass's greatest duties together with all national mass-movements getting of the sympathy & supports on global democratic forces and these endeavors can be called our greatest historical turnning movements.
So,we need to participate seriously extremly in our greatest national mass's movements with Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi & her NLD as International Anti-imperialism & facisism by leading of Doebama Asiayone,Pyithuayaetawpone & Fatapala/Fasapala of our national leaders- General Aung Sann & others in 1942-45 and at that moement,we might struggle anti-imperialism & facisism and get our Burma's independence too with all Burma's national peoples' unity & solidarity.It's our greatest historical national mass's lesson.
If we might endeavor global anti-imperialism & facisism with our national peoples' united front according to our Burma's strategy & tactics on the changes of global strategy & tactics,now must be able to endeavor all Burma's national mass's victory struggling of our five enemies.
Therefore! we should endeavor strongly our national mass's victory with National mass' movement politic(Boddy politic) under the following;---------------------------------------------------!
(1) We shall have to build up All Burma's national peoples' united alliences to front with the leading of Daw Su & her NLD.
(2) We need to get the sympathy & supports of internal & external democratic forces.
(3) We shall have to use the sharp & effected strategy & tactics on global modern strategy & tactics.(No libral strategy & Libral tactics).
(4) We should start to do the sure successful struggles on smallest to biggest( small sparks to biggest firing).
(5) We should use three KA policy(Profits/ Limit/unity of cause & affect).
(6) We should not forget our five enemies;----------
- Serve the national peoples defending of the worst governments!
- Serve the national peoples defending of the worst unlovers!
- Serve the national peoples defending of the worst thiefs!
- Serve the national peoples defending of the worest water!
-Serve the national peoples defending of the worst firing!
(7)Our slogans should be under the following;------------------------------!
(a) To help,support & slove our national peoples' crisis!
(b) To endevor for releasing on Daw Su with all political prisoners!
(c) To disconstitution in 2008 and to draw new democratic federal constitution of union of Burma!
(d) To boycott 2010-election!
(e) To organize national intrrian coalation government on 90-elected victory!
thanking you in anticipation;

best regard;

yours' sincerely!

Patron for Burma Democratic Concern(B.D.C),Wa,U.S.A.

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