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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Dear friends;
We would like to consult your NLD's current process on "All Burma's National People's Report" towards comming Hluttaw because Today! 1/4 Myanmar Junta Regime's changes become for only their profits & their comparados and so,All Burma's national peoples became more & more poverty as U Win Tin's Quatation-"Enrich until to place at anywhere & Poverty till to eat no foods" and so,we shall have to talk about it as The worst 1/4 Myanmar Junta Regime Era in Burma's long civil war" because Many tears & bloods of Peasants,workers,students,monks,P.P,general strata,women,children,adults,general refugees,general exiles & all Burma's national peoples are covering on global Burma's mountains,steams, rivers,seas,oceans,forests & lands and so,NLD should do & present "All Burma's National People's Reports to coming Hluttaw as your current process on under the followings;
Current process;
(1) To stop urgently Burma's long civil war!
(2) To release urgently all P.P & to do general amnesty!
(3) To solve urgently all Burma's national crisis!
(4) To solve urgently peasant's land-ownerships!
(5) To solve urgently worker's rights!
(6) To solve urgently general refugee's problems!
(7) To solve urgently force labor's problems!
(8) To solve urgently force moving's problems!
(9) To solve urgently discrimination problems!
(10)To save urgently parentless children & take careless adults!
(11)To solve urgently force-monk's problems!
Long term;
(1) To do democratic atmospheres on always peace!
(2) To revise constitution!
(3) To do always peace & National people's reconcilation!
(4) To do national people's democratic education,health,culture & civilization!
(5) To do national people's democratic opening marketing economy!
(6) To do global Burma's democratic diplomatcy!
(7) To construct Democratic Peaceful United Real Union of Burma with Multi-parties system!
(8) To participate in Global Burma's democratic families!
thanking you in anticipation;
best regards;

Vice chairman-2,GSC,Rgn,Burma(8888),
GS.2,N.P.F(Reg;No.120,Rgn,Burma(88 to 89),
Patron of B.D.C,U.S.A(08 to 12),

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