Burma Democratic Concern has the firm determination to carry on doing until the democracy restore in Burma.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Burmese people learnt that the dams will be controlled and operated by Chinese companies run by the Chinese staffs in accordance with the Chinese rules and regulation. While Burma is plummeting downhill economically, environmentally and ecologically, China is becoming the potential threat factors for all the Burmese people since the dams will be operating as the BOT (borrow, operate and transfer) systems, energy hungry China army could be rolling into Burma any time given the excuses that it could protect Chinese interest abroad.
Burmese people learnt that the dams will be transferred back after China is operating the dams for 30 years and Burmese people believed that by the time when the dams were transferred after its utmost capacity, then they will be time bombs waiting to be exploded constantly threatening the very existence of the Kachin people since poorly maintained Chinese standard about to be expired dams could be broken anytime posing inevitable flooding within seconds.

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