Burma Democratic Concern has the firm determination to carry on doing until the democracy restore in Burma.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dear All, Please come and join with us to show your support for Burma and protest together. Global Day of Action as well as Global Resistance Day for Injustice, 8.8.11 is the 23rd anniversary of 8.8.88 massacre, during which military gunned down more than 3000 peaceful demonstrators in Burma.

Please come and show your support. Each and every person's participation is very important and we value your present. We must send powerful, united and strong message to the world that there is no place for injustice system in the world and they must go. We believe that together we can restore the democracy, human rights and freedom in Burma and the world at large.

As everyone is bond in humanity and as we are living in global village, everyone is interrelated to each other. Please spread this event to your friends and we would be very much appreciated to your support.

Main Message: Dialogue toward National Reconciliation in Burma

London, UK Event: In Front of the Burmese Embassy

Time: 13:00- 14:00 pm

Date: 8/8/2011

Address:19A Charles Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5DX

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