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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Burma Insight : 06 April 2011

Yangon, April 6 -- There was no casualty when the officials defused a hand-made bomb found on brick seat near the bus station on Sule Pagoda road last Sunday afternoon, according to the state-owned newspapers of this morning’s issue said.

“After the investigation, the above-mentioned bomb is detonated to burst in sound in the first phase and then to explode due to the vibration from the phone call at a distance in the second phase,” the newspapers further explained.

The newspapers also gave details of the items relating to that time bomb, which the officials had deactivated, as ( a ) Thai SIM Card and one old Nokia handset, ( b ) 0.25-gallon UPG red paint cans, ( C ) White C4 strong gunpowder 25 pounds, ( d ) One light blue coloured plastic case without cover, ( e ) One wired Lithium battery, ( f ) Electric detonator with two wires and ( g ) 10-amp fuse.

“Destructive elements and insurgents at home and abroad are planning to make constant bomb attacks to undermine the rule of law and to cause public panic,” the papers charged.

This is the first incident after the new government was formed on March 30 this year.

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