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Tuesday, 8 March 2011



On March,13th,1988,RIT-students,Ko Phone Mao & Ko Soe Naing had fallen down by Myanmar Junta Regimes and their democratic movement could start to remove single party ditactorship system of U Ne Win for 26.yrs and so, they were acknowledged by all Burma's national peoples as Burma's democratic heroes.
On March,13th,1989,we with Taw Phuyargalay,Patron of NPF,U Tin Oo& Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi of NLD,U Khin Mg Myint of PPP,Widuya Thakhin Chit Mg,U Mg Ko of NLD,Min Ko Naing & Moe Thee Zun attended to Annuel ceremony of Phone Mao-Soe Naing Day at RIT's campus and at that ceremony,chief of ceremony,U Mg Ko announced bravely the program of it among guns and then,Taw Phuyargalay said about Mahattama Ghandi's non-violent-disorders on bad governments and Wuduya Thakhin Chit Mg said about Fair urging of Democracy with an example"-fresh apple" and then,U Tin Oo said about the democratic elected way and Daw Aung Sann Suu too said about Demo-human Rights on fallen down of Ko Phone Mao-Ko Soe Naing and U Khin Mg Myint said about Democratic endeavored tactic with a tale-" Sexy-looking for husband of Maid-Ma Aye" and Min Ko Naing said about his revolution speech on Bloody tempest and then,Moe Thee Zun too said about Interrian government and so, we remembered back again & again for our Burma's romantic trajetty democratic movements under fallen leaves of swataw and saw back our colleauges on Dawna mountain and so,published our NPF's Poem-" The classical wild flowers of March's history and saw back our June,6th, x-worker colleauge,gazing towards ceremony and every body had acted-moved bravely in every where and then,I sent back our patron-Tawphuyargalay.
At that day,Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi of NLD did again Burma's Human Rights Day on Fallen down of Phone Mao-Soe Naing at NLD's office and announced that day as our Burma's Human Rights Days and then,we used to do yearly that day in every where as Burma's Human Rights Day and so,we would like to request respectfully our colleauges & friends to do yearly that memo-day as our Burma's Human Rights Day because Myanmar Junta Regimes would like to remove our democratic memo-days & historical potraits.
thanking you in anticipation;

best regards;

Patron of Burma Democratic Concern(B.D.C),U.S.A.

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