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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

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All commarades & friends;
Excellence sir;
We shall have to warmly welcome your National Youth Network with other Yoth Networks because we had to pass long time the democratic struggles(workers' strikes on June,6th,1974, U Thant's democratic funeral ceremony on Dec,11st,1974, Annuel workers' strikes on June,6th,1975, Thakhin Ko Taw Mhile's one hundered full democratic activity on March,23rd,1976, 8888-greatest democratic movement on Agust,8th,1988,Anti-unjust orders & laws on June,26th,1989,Insein-Jail strikes on Sept, ,1990,Insein-Jail's global democratic movement on U.N's human rights affairs on March, , 1996 under military-ditactorship system of three Myanmar Junta Regimes of Bo Ne Win, Bo Saw Mg & Bo Than Shwe since June,6th,1974 to update and at that moment,we had no leaders,Parties but we had lifes,feelings,books,the bloody history of our students,workers & peasants and the experiences of men too but our relations & connection were Semi-U.G & U.G with death-connection & alived connection and man-connecters and used Hand-writting on Wax-papers & Hand-coppiers and some time, type-writters too and looked for ourself allowences on our democratic movements and so,our democratic struggles on poverty had to face so many crisises,difficults,dangers & death(At that moment,Junta Regimes used death-sentences on hanging.For example! Student's leader-Ko Tin Mg Oo & Bo Own Kyaw Myint were hanged by Bo Ne Win at Insein Jail in 1977.) but we conntinued to dare to fight our Burma's democratic freedoms as our brave & bright brothers & heroes with the slogans"- If you did bravely some things,will become some things"- & " Victory is for the brave fighters".
Now,you have the global Burma's democratic leader-Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi & NLD together with the brave bright democratic leaders on Democratic sympathy of All Burma's national peoples & global democratic forces with Highest technological net works and you might build up your national youth net works together with other global Burma's democratic net works to fight for our Burma's democratic freedom on global democratic countries's sympathy & supports and you need to believe bravely your democratic net work-activities.
Your democratic net-work-activities must absolutely pass & get Burma's democratic freedom.!
Let to pass your democratic net-work-activities together with global Burma's democratic forces, global democratic forces & countries.!
Thanking you in anticipation;

best regards;

(U Thi Ha Tint Swe)
Patron for Burma Democratic Concern(B.D.C),Wasington state,U.S.A.
Patron for Burma's Communnity Association(B.C.A),Kennewick,WA-99336,U.S.A.
G.S(1) for National Politic Front (N.P.F(Reg.No;120(1988 to 1989),Burma.
Vice chairman-2 for General Strikes' Committee(G.S.C(Rgn0(8888),Burma.

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