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Saturday, 15 January 2011

" 2011-Hlutaw behind 5-curtains"


All commarades & friends;

Excellence sir;
I would like to present the article-" 2011-Hlutaw behind 5-curtains.


"HLUTAW" is very important political place on presentation,discussion,debating,negotiation,planning,decision & approvals of representatives of all national peoples for their countries & all national peoples in democratic countries but not for all national peoples & countries only ditactors.
In U Ne Win's era (1962 to 1988), representatives were elected by his single party-Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) with centralization under single party ditactorship system and then,they had to attend to BSPP's Hlutaw for their profits according to
U Ne Win's instruction and so, all Burma's national peoples were more poor & poor and also Burma was Less Development Country(LDC) for 26.yrs but U Ne Win with his companions were more rich & rich as millionors .For example! U Ne Win was 7th,millionor.
After couping of SLORC on sept,18th,1988,Myanmar's Mashials & his companions(Peace groups,Bosses on dis-era) were more rich & rich but all Burma's national peoples were more poor & poor than U Ne Win's era.
Now,SPDC did Mashial's guidence national convenction with all Burma's national people's desires under military ditactorship system and then, forced to approve their military's salaved constitution with socalled refrendum in 2008 and then, forced to move Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi's NLD with democratic forces and then, did 2010-wicket election on 25% military-officers & the most representatives of Kyintphwint party and then,will force to do 2011-Hlutaw on 2008- military's salaved constitution with restricted hlutaw- acts & Laws and then, will force to controll & oppress 2011-hlutaw with their arm-forces under Bo Than Shwe's instruction and so,we can talk 2011-hlutaw as the silent table discussion behind 5-curtains(Socalled national convenction,2008-military's salaved constitution,2010-military's forced election without all Burma's national people's desires,2011-silent Hlutaw,Bo Than Shwe's single owned arm-forces).
Some representatives have free- talk their aims on all Burma's national people's desires for 2011-hlutaw on Jan,31st, 2011 but surely! Bo Than Shwe will force to do them as roborts between hoping & frighten on his magic.

best regards;

(U Tint Shwe Thi Ha)
Patron for B.D.C,U.S.A.

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