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Monday, 27 September 2010

Memo-potraits of U Ohn Mg(Writter-Mg Ni Mar) & his daughter-Mar Mar Oo.


All commarades & friends sir;
Sayar-BaMao Tin Aung talked us that we shall have to measure the value of the person with the ruler how much could he serve the duties of his crossed historical era and so, we should ourselve- ask back us with this question and some faced darely this question but some didn't dare to face this question and so,we shall have to recognize the persons,could be measured by this ruler as the historical value persons.
Now,our leaders, commarades & friends had to greet-depart from us.For example! Tha Khin Own Myint,writer-Moe Hein & Mg Ni Mar(U Own Mg),father of Mar Mar Oo,the 88-student' generation leader and the former political prisoner with Min Ko Naing,Ko Ko Kyi,Jimmy,Htay Kyawe,Mya Aye,Pyone Cho & others.They could serve faithfully bravely the greatest duties of his crossed historical eras,Anti-Imperialism & Facisisism and National Independence Libration,People's democratic revolution and the democratic avtivities under Burma Junta Regimes.
Thakhin Own Myint could serve the greatest duties of his crossed historical long era of Anti-Imperialism & Facisisim and National Independence Libration,People's Democratic revolution and the democratic activities under Burma Junta Regimes as the Journalist & politician with Bojoke-Aung Sann to us and he had to arrive to KoKoKyum and had to stay at Insein-prison & others with us and could serve & take-care of the generations of the historical leaders and the social assistance activities too with Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi's NLD and we should never forget his historical greatest value and his historical potrait will always place in our hearts with Burma's history.
I will never for get writer-Mg Ni Mar(U Own Mg) and his daughter-Mar Mar Oo,Youth's leader of N.P.F(Mandalay) too as General Sceretary-1 of National Politics' Front (N.P.F,Rgn)(88-89) because our National Politics' Front (N.P.F,Reg.No;120) was organized by the 8888-democratic striked leaders from Upper & Lower Burma on 16th,Nov,1988 and Lower Burma-Taw Phuyargalay(a) U Aung Ze,U Win Tin,Daw Myint Myint Khin for Patrons,Upper Burma- U Htay Win,U Ohn Pe,U Kyaw Win for Patron, Upper Burma-U Zaw Win for chairman,Lower Burma-U Naing Myint(a)U Myint Soe for Vice chairman-1,Upper Burma-U Khin Mg Than for Vice chairman-2,Lower Burma-U Thi Ha (a) Tint Swe for General Sceretary-1,Upper Burma-U Tin Aye Kyu (a) Ko Mhile for General Sceretary-2,Lower Burma-Dr-Ne Win for Joint General Sceretary-1,Upper Burma-U Thein Than Oo for Joint General Sceretary-2,Lower Burma-Ko Tin Htut for Peasant,Upper Burma-Dr-Mg Mg Thu & U Own Mg(writer- Mg Ni Mar) for Peasant,Lower Burma-Ko Cho Cho Htun Nyein( Norway) for youth,Upper Burma-Ko ZarNiAung & Mar Mar Oo for youth,Lower Burma-Daw Khin San Yi for Women,Upper Burma-Khin Nyein Cham Thu & Ma Mar Mar Oo for women,Lower Burma-U Own Kyi for worker,Upper Burma-U Own Myint Hlaing for worker and extra.
Our N.P.F faced Junta Regime's 90-election as an aor of the democratic goal of Burma but NLD accepted it as the way of Burma's Demo-Human rights-Reconcilation and NLD's Chairman-U Tin Oo talked public on their attitudes of 90-election at Annuel ceremony of Phone Mao,R.I.T's campus on 13th,March,1989 and Taw Phuyargalay talked public on his attitudes of the disorders of SLORC on Peace,Democracy-Solidarity of Thakhin Ko Taw Mhile & Mahatama Gandhi and U Khin Mg Myint talked public on his attitudes of disorders of SLORC with the tale of maid-Ma Aye's looking for her spouse and Min Ko Naing talked public on his bloody herlicane attitudes of disorders of SLORC and Moe Thee Zun talked public on his attitudes of Interrian government and Daw Aung San Su Kyi talked public on her acknowledgement of Phone Mao's day as Burma's Human rights day.
On 16th,June,1989,we disordered of the unjustic cammonds & orders of SLORC at our N.P.F office,Thatipahtan St,Kyaukmyaung,Tamwae Tsp,Rgn,Lower Burma with Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi,U tin Oo,Taw Phuyargalay,the leaders of Luboungthit,Thwaythi,P.P.P & others and so,we were arrested with Daw Su,U Tin Oo,Taw Phuyargalay,U Naing Myint,Dr-Ne Win,U Own Mg & his daughter -Mar Mar Oo and others and we were sentenced for 20-yrs and U Own Mg & his daughter-Mar Mar Oo too for some years and then after our released for 14-yrs from Myaungmya prison on 1st,March,2002,saw back U Ohn Mg at NLD's ceremony,Kamayut Tsp with U Tin Oo & Daw Su and he could stand strongly on his truth-faith with pocerty on platform-bookshop and he could always go to see his daughter-Mar Mar Oo at Prison with poverty foods-medicines and so,I always supported him with my shop's foods & others and he would like to see us as the strong people's democratic leaders and so,understood back him but our political atmospheres changed from Red truth-faiths to Green truth-faiths and so,we would like to understand them about the velvety tactics on the modern strong strategy because Myanmar military dictactors updated to oppress all Burma's national peoples with modern magic weapons of China & Russia,always selfish-profit-protection and now,our leaders, cammarades & friends had to depart from us but we shall always memo- believe their sprits that will be continnuing to fight for freedom of Burma togather with us.
Let to long live their brave sprits with our Burma's classical revolutionary history.
thanking you in anticipation;
best regard;
yours' faithfully!
(U Thi Ha Tint Swe)
Patron for B.D.C,WA-99336,U.S.A,Ph;(509)582-3261.
General Sceretary-1 of N.P.F(88/89).
Political Prisoner for 14-Yrs(89/02).

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