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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar SHOCK Shi-Tae"

Burmese Video: "Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar SHOCK Shi-Tae" Ads (Sunrise Shock) 08 September 2010
Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) today releases the Burmese video trailer, "Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar SHOCK Shi-Tae" (Sunrise Shock).
We are humbled to present the preview of our work, "Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar SHOCK Shi-Tae" (Sunrise Shock) video which is the collective efforts of the Burma democratic activists from UK.
We hope that this piece could be one of the corner stones when we could write the true Burma history.
We will share the video with all the democratic activists and organizations around the world as well as people inside Burma so that we can have the opportunity to see two different perspectives compare with junta's propaganda video, Ar-Yone-Oo-Mar-Phu-Tae-Kyar, with full of wrong and misleading information.
We are well aware of the challenges ahead trying to distribute our video inside Burma but we will use the modern internet technology believing that it could help us promoting the good news inside Burma.
Please see the link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biRw3h...
For more information please contact Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) http://www.bdcburma.org

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