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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Burma: Ready to die for it (Htein Lin)

The people of Burma have been suffering under one of the world's most brutal and repressive regime. The military regime uses murder, torture, rape, political imprisonment and forced labour as practices for ruling the citizens of Burma. Freedom of expression and freedom of association are non-existent and Burmese citizens are denied any state in the shaping of their future.

In Burma, power is centred on the ruling junta--the State Peace and Development Council, or SPDC--which maintains strict authoritarian rule over the people of Burma. Control is maintained through intimidation, the strict censuring of information, repression of individual rights, and suppression of ethnic minority groups.

One of the opponents of the military regime is Htein Lin, the dedicated Burma democracy activist.

Htein Lin said "I am ready to die for it". He is the Burma democracy activist devoted his life to work for democratisation of Burma. His dedication, determination and devotion for the cause of Burma democracy movement is incredible. We believe that there are thousands of new generation democracy activists ready to die for Burma.

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