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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Now,we have to hear again the voices of Boycott (or) Unboycott on 2010-election and so, we researched & presented the voices of oversea Burmese,U.S.A which will be boycott 2010-election with the hole Burma's national people's disires because 2010-election will military-salave officially our all national peoples with 2008-military-salaved constitution and Myanmar Junta Regimes would like to do their 2010-election with socalled people's desires to lie Internal-external democratic forces & countries for recognizing of global democratic countries &Untied Nations.
So,they have to try to get Artificial people's desires with Artificial politicians & politics,donars & donations,Kyaintphwint's social welfares & activities and thier strategy had always salaved all national peoples with guns & Neuclear weapons on tactics of persuading & frighteen to peoples(For examples!Useless carrot & stick policy) and they have used the holding sticks,back bones & salaved delegaters with salaved awards-cell phones,cells,garbaged meals for their 2010-election's democratic face-covers.Some have to serve 2010-election for garbaged meals with their poverty broken diganity anti-real political activities and so,very sad to hear those worest news and got also political lessons on Inter become form friends to enemies & form enemies to friends, based on political stands of all national peoples.
After our political prisoners' released from Myaungmya's prisons for fourteen yrs on March,1st,2002,we saw back our commarades & friends on many kinds of fields as old friends (or) new enemies with SPDC and once upon a time,our dearest cmmarades & friends had to serve faithfully Junta Regimes doing of night class on tears of our national people's laddy,girls & boys and some Junta Regime's armies & polices have to waits for paradies night class with night-allowences and all national peoples have to tear for garbaged meals among dirty lanes behind Artificial faced buildings but the greatest banks,compannies & hotels on black money of heroin existed on the city-roads and so,let to get knowledges that the greatest rebellions liked society's elites as Junta Regimes and they could co-operate on selfish-profits oppositing of all national people's profits and they used to serve for their war lords anti-people's profits(For examples!" Enoughed foods for salaves if Salave-lord's sastification".
On 8-8-88,Some strikers talked that U Nu placed mat while demostrative alerted but U Nu told back them that I placed mat but not for me and for peoples.Now,they have to place 2010-mat but not for them & peoples and for war lords.
Every boddy have roghts to place democratic mats for all Burma's national peoples but not for Junta Regimes and so, the persons who did for Junta Regimes will be burried together with war lords by us.
thanking you in anticipation;

best regards;

(U ThiHaTintSwe)
Patron for B.D.C,Wa-99336,U.S.A.

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